Subaru Forester e-Boxer Summit

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Subaru Forester e-Boxer Summit

449 900 kr

Privatleasing 4 999 kr/månad


Årsmodell: 2020

Matarstallning: 1

Vaxellada: Automat

Farg: Crystal Black

Drivmedel: Bensin/El

Fordonstyp: SUV

Drivhjul: 4WD

With e-Boxer, we have improved what was already good and sharpened the features we know our owners appreciate. Just putting an electric motor on the rear axle was never an option. It had changed our unique characteristics negatively. We chose to place the engine in the gearbox – before the distribution between the front and rear axles. In this way we were able to keep our four-wheel drive exactly as it was – permanent and symmetrical.

Thanks to that solution, we can also offer generous towing weight, while most of the segment’s competitors are only allowed to pull 750 kilos – if even that…

The electric motor provides an addition of 65 Nm right from the start, which means better acceleration and real power immediately. Since the extra power comes from an electric motor, the car gets better performance, at the same time as fuel consumption can be reduced by just over 11 percent.

Of course, it is possible to drive shorter distances on electricity alone, but that was never the real purpose. The goal was simply to make an already good car a little better. We chose to deliver the benefits of electrification where they are needed most – without compromising.

You do not have to bother with cables and look for wall sockets. The Forester e-Boxer is self-charging and the 118-volt battery gets new power while you drive.

For the entire equipment spec, see:

Metallic: SEK 8,500 alt. SEK 149 / month for private leasing